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Kenya is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with 42 official tribes & over 50 national parks & reserves, from the slopes of Mt Kenya to the white sand beaches on the coast, passing through lakes, the dry grassland savannah, the pristine wilderness, the bubbly city life in Nairobi, picturesque landscapes and one of the most spectacular natural events: the thrilling display of the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara, over 2 million zebra & wildebeest move from the Serengeti in neighbouring Tanzania to enjoy the lush green grasses in Kenya. The biggest display of free-roaming wildlife in the world! All of these are just but some of the experiences one can have in this ever-mesmerizing country.

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Travel to Uganda and visit the gorillas, the impressive Danakil depression in Ethiopia, Hike Kilimanjaro - the highest peak in africa! Anything else? Plenty to discover!

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Kiwayu is simply heaven on earth. An 8 km stretch of pristine beach on the ocean side and the quiet tranquil bay on the mangrove channels.

1.5 hr speedboat from our homes in Lamu Island through the most magnificent landscapes, at the end of the archipelago where we find the Kiunga Marine Reserve. Great for snorkelling and other sports but also to unplug and connect with yourself.

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Feelings of the coastal wilderness will make this one of your fav spots to visit and maybe revisit as you are here! Starting at about 400 USD pp depending on the group size for a 3-night stay on full board basis. If looking for an off-the-grid experience this is it! Make it your private home if looking for a serene and inspiring escape for a few weeks!

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The epitome of the safaris, home to one of the most distinctive tribes in the country living amongst the big 5 (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard & rhino) in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

About a 3 - 4 hour flight (with a layover in Nairobi) or a flight to Nairobi and a 6 hour drive will get you to this 1510 sq km savannah.

Over 95 species of mammals and 570 recorded different birds roaming across the Maasai Mara traversing to the Serengeti in neighbouring Tanzania, these both wildlife reserves boast incredible wildlife sightings in the world. Starting at about 400 USD per day on the most budget option and would vary considerably if you prefer a more luxurious experience, fly-in safari? We can also organize! Most safari camps also have wifi, so you do not need to think of a complete disconnection, but we do recommend it!

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Where to go as a Digital Nomad in Africa
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Buzzling and busy, that is how life is in the capital city of Kenya. Nairobi is one of the most fun cities that Africa can offer. Live music, parties till sunrise, plenty of markets with local articrafts, a wide display of what this country can offer.

The world's only wildlife capital holding a National Park within. The backdrop scrapers of the city mixed with the acacia trees of the park makes it a really unique safari experience very easily accessible.

Nairobi for Digital Nomads

Top-notch restaurants, great cocktails and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. A good break from the laid-back beach life. We promise you will be missing the coastal life as soon as you leave. Just 1.5 hour flight from the island, great for a weekend get-away, feel like out of Africa at Karen Blixen museum, visit the elephant orphanage and the giraffe centre, go shopping for some of the most amazing Kenyan brands & designs, finish the day at Geco Cafe the best live music!

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Within the Great Rift Valley we find Lake Naivasha, famous for the beautiful views, its boat and walking safaris. Great for adventure sports, hiking Mt. Longonot, biking through hell's gate, or have a relaxed day in crater lake game sanctuary.

Easily accessible from Nairobi can be a day trip from the city or stay a few nights to experience the different game reserves along this area.

A 1.5-hour flight to Nairobi city and 2 hour road transfer from Nairobi, can also be combined with your safaris en route to Maasai Mara. We do think that a 2 / 3 night stay around this area is great to experience it. Explore the lake region - around 7 different lakes can be visited here - and the varied bird life of this area!

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Sandy white beaches and watersports are the characters ofWwatamu town. Also a great weekend getaway from the island, it is more of a cosmopolitan town blending Kenyan, Arab and Italian influences. The best pizza in the country is found here!

A sunset at the infamous Lichthaus, some prawn samosa in Prawns Lake Conservation, crab samosa at sunrise beach or the Crab Shack... Food is the vibe!

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Best diving in the country, a catamaran trip through the Mida Creek, kitesurfers paradise... Hop along the coast and visit nearby Kilifi and Malindi, closeby towns that can be accessed by quick road transfer. Naivasha hosts Hell's Gate, the Hell's Kitchen is here! An astonishing canyon can be visited about an hour's drive to see the amazing colors of the geological depression.

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Tsavo is a great alternative option to the Maasai Mara, closer home just a 20 min flight away and a 3 hr drive is Tsavo National Park. Tsavo is the biggest protected area in Kenya and home to most of the larger mammals. Famous for the dust-red elephant, rhino, buffalo, lions, leopard, hippos... Only missing on the list are tigers and dolphins!

Also, the smaller birds occupy great part of the area with over 500 recorded species. Is possible to combine with your getaway to Watamu and Malindi. A rough estimate to travel here is about 500 / 600 USD for a 2 night / 3 day safari on the budget side and can go up to over a 1000 USD for the more exclusive options.

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Whether looking for other areas of Kenya or other countries we can help you plan a break or your next home. We have been lucky to live & visit quite a few of the East and Southern African countries. In places we have not been or areas we really do not know much about we will try to connect you with other spaces, we are continuously networking and partnering with new colivings and coworkings, and we get news where about where the Nomads are heading to. Also we have other properties that can be booked on your private stays.

Contact us on the form below for more information about our trips while staying with us!

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