Digital Nomads from AfricaNomads in a traditionally wooden built Swahili dhow in the Lamu Island Retreat in Kenya

Join our 2024 retreats in Kenya

Move into one of our Pop-up Coliving homes in Kenya between August 1st - November 30th in Lamu Island, Watamu & Diani. Immerse yourself in the rich coastal Swahili culture. Connect with like-minded people that become family!

AfricaNomads Pop-up Retreats

The warmth of our community awaits you. Connect with other like-minded Digital Nomads and Remote Workers in a family-like atmosphere, fostering bonds that last a lifetime. Dive into the heart of local communities, immersing yourself in their vibrant culture and traditions. In this fast and rushed world we believe is better to go a little slower as we keep focused on our work while we discover the off-the-beaten path locations we offer. Join us and embark on a different journey, where community, exploration, mindfulness and sustainability are at heart, creating a truly unforgettable experience in Kenya.

On one of the activities for digital nomads in Diani we visit this majestic baobabs right on the beach!
Best places to work from in Diani as a Digital Nomad
A day at the beach with AfricaNomads in the Lamu Island Retreat

Our locations 

Join the community

Discover the heart of AfricaNomads: we are a vibrant community where weekly dinners, shared explorations, and weekend adventures await. We're here to make every moment count. From touchdown to departure, we've got you covered. Our hassle-free experiences ensure every moment is worry-free from the minute you land.

Life in the coast of Kenya

Experience the AfricaNomads way. Our coliving spaces offer a gateway to the laid-back lifestyle of the Kenyan coast: from pristine beaches to vibrant local markets, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of coastal culture. Join our community and discover the beauty of daily life in this diverse settings. Whether you're working remotely or on your own project, our seamless experience ensures that you can fully embrace the essence of coastal living without any hassle. We recommend to stay at least for one or two months to deeply immerse yourself in the culture and get more out of the experience.

Stand Up Paddle during the Digital Nomads Retreat
Old Square in Lamu Island that we visit with Digital Nomads
We also love our food at AfricaNomads! Herewith having some pizzas under the sun!

How is our daily schedule? 

These are our breakfast at the AfricaNomads retreats

Experience the daily rhythm of life with AfricaNomads, the days begin with a taste of Swahili hospitality. Wake up to a freshly prepared breakfast infused with local flavors. Grab your laptop and choose your workspace – whether it's the comfort of the house or the laid-back ambiance of a beachfront café, where sandy feet and ocean breezes inspire productivity. 

Monday evenings we gather for our renowned Communal Dinner, where you'll savor the diverse flavors of Swahili cuisine. Wednesdays begin with a rejuvenating yoga session, setting the tone for a balanced and harmonious day ahead. Spontaneous hangouts are common daily, there's always someone ready to meet. We are also sunset chasers and love to meet over a drink as we see the day go by!

Best places to go as a Digital Nomad in Africa
Where to go as a Digital Nomad in Kenya?

When the weekend arrives, leave the planning to us! Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to immersive programs designed to showcase the best of the local community and to discover the areas. From visiting empowerment projects to participating in conservation programs. We also love sailing and discover the surroundings, so get ready for some snorkelling and days under the sun! 

What is included

Accommodation in private or shared room in one of our AfricaNomads homes

Airport transfers

Local SIM Cad locaded with data so you can work on the go & back-up power solutions

Daily breakfast & Weekly Communal Dinner

Weekly Yoga Class

2 x weekly weekend activities - the longer you stay the more you will explore!

Hosts and activities organizers

Join a community of remote workers and digital nomads

Optional getaways designed for our coliving community

A delicious breakfast served in Aquarius Kitchen in the Digital Nomad Retreat
We love visiting Nyla's Place when our Digital Nomads visit us in Kenya!
Best places in Africa to work as a Digital Nomad. Work from a boat!
The digital nomad community is the heart of AfricaNomads

Why with us?

Our names are Ana and Alejandra, founders of AfricaNomads. We love meeting new people and creating new experiences everywhere we go.

We fell in love with Africa over 15 years ago and call the continent home. We have a background in hospitality and love the Nomad lifestyle so with all this combined we have curated this retreats so that we are able to meet and connect with like-minded people!

Kenya's coast is of unparalleled beauty, where azure waters meet pristine beaches framed by lush greenery. We believe in slow and sustainable travel, we love visiting local and interesting projects while we discover the best of what the destinations can offer. Visit us for a few weeks, a month or some simply never leave!

Deserted beach picnic with AfricaNomads
Retreat Host mingling in our Retreat Events. Photography from Monia Antolini
Digital Nomdas on excursion in Kenya with AfricaNomads
There are fantastic artists in Kenya and here we meet at one of the events in Lamu Island

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