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Digital Nomads in Africa

We are Ana and Alejandra, the founders of AfricaNomads, a coliving destination for Digital Nomads who want to explore the amazing African continent.

We have been living in Africa for 15 years, and we have travelled extensively in East and Southern Africa. We have a vast knowledge of the culture, wildlife and attractions of this diverse and beautiful region. We are now based in Kenya, where we have established the first Digital Nomad community in East Africa.

Our mission is to bring Digital Nomads and remote workers together as a community in Africa and help them discover the wonders of this continent. We believe in slow and sustainable travel, cross-cultural exchange, and promoting education and equal opportunities for the local communities. We believe that together we are stronger and love creating networking opportunities, who knows? You might meet your next travel partner, the love of your life or find the right partnership you have always been looking for. If none of the above, you will surely leave feeling part of a new family, having gained knowledge on diverse areas and maybe discovered a little more about yourself!

Visit Kenya as a Digital Nomad
Where to go in Kenya as a Digital Nomad?

We are currently hosting our coliving retreats in Lamu island, a UNESCO World Heritage site with stunning beaches, ancient architecture and a rich Swahili culture. Here one feels like stepping back in time in this laid-back maze-street coastal town. We are also visiting Watamu and Diani in our retreats, the more well-known destinations along the Kenyan coast. We love all of them but Lamu is home. 

We plan to expand our pop-up retreats and coliving / coworking sites to other African destinations soon and we are dreaming of some of our favourites: the white sand beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania, the majestic Victoria Falls marking the border of Zambia & Zimbabwe, the mother city and vibrant life in Cape Town in South Africa, the pristine Okavango Delta - the biggest inland delta in the world and it’s fascinating wildlife, the red dunes of Namibia or a one-of-a-kind encounter with gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. What about being able to visit our different destinations and work as you discover some of the best places africa has to offer?

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Visit Africa as a Digital Nomad

Africa is the new emerging destination for digital nomads and remote workers and we want to bring you closer to it. Whether you travel solo or in a group, you will find a home away from home with us. You will also have the opportunity to go on safari, visit other destinations, enjoy nature, beach, hiking, sailing and more. Kenya has a lot to offer and so does the rest of Africa.

We are always looking for new partnerships with like-minded people who share our vision of bringing more Digital Nomads to Africa. If you are interested in joining us or collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Where to go in Africa as a Digital Nomad?
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