Are you ready to join us on our African Retreats?

Are you itching to join us for an unforgettable retreat? Take a moment to explore our pricing and discover the incredible inclusions awaiting you during your stay. This is where we stand out, from immersive cultural experiences and thrilling adventures to relaxing beachside escapes, we've curated a lineup of activities that showcase the very best of each destination.

Whether it's exploring vibrant markets, embarking on scenic hikes, or indulging in delicious local cuisine, we've got you covered. Don't worry about the serious details – leave that to us. Your dream retreat is just a few clicks away, and we can't wait to make it a reality!

Consider extending your stay with us for two or three months and unlock special discounted rates. While we recommend a minimum stay of one month to fully soak in the magic of each destination, opting for a longer retreat allows you to delve deeper into the local culture, build lasting connections, and truly make the most of your time with us. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant energy of Watamu, the serene beauty of Diani, or the timeless charm of Lamu, our extended stays offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore, grow, and thrive in the heart of Africa.

AfricaNomads Retreats 2024 Pricing

Prices are in USD and pp. 2nd person sharing pays 50%

2 months get a 5% off & 3 months gets a 10% off

Min stay is 2 weeks 

What's included?

How do I book?

- Get in tocuh with us, we have a sign up questionaire we would like you to fill in. This helps us know you better and how to    arrange our programs to ensure everyone has the best possible time. 

- Pay a 20% deposit to secure your spot. The rest is payable latest 4 weeks before arriving to the retreat. Payments can be done via Stripe through a payment link we will send to you.

- Cancellations: 30 days before arrival we will refund your fees - 250 USD. 30 days or less no refund. 

Yes. Whether you are working on your own project or working remotely for another company it is mandatory to have a project you are working on. This is to ensure that we do not drop our productivity levels as we are travelling.

Internet speeds are pretty stable and work well as well as data services are comparable to those of the US. This said wifi speeds might fluctuate and therefore we do provide you with a SIM card loaded with data as part of your package to work from anywhere! This said, if you need high speeds continously coming to Africa might not be the best destination for you.

We have previously welcomed people for a stay of only one week within our coliving, however as much as we love to welcome everyone it proofs to be kind of complicated to get the most out of the experience. Our main focus on our colivings is the community and we feel that after the initial 2 or 3 days of getting used to your new home it feels too short to see you leaving just 4 days after that!

We do recommend to stay for at least one month, however we encourage to discover various destinations and you won't get to get to know the best of each area. We do believe in slow and sustainable travel as well as being immersed in the destinations we visit.

Kenya is a pretty safe and stable country. You should take normal precautions in the big cities. The coastal areas are pretty laid-back and locals are super friendly!

Yes if you love the community feeling and you are ready to discover the destinations we take you to! Bring a go-with-the-flow attitude as plans can change in the laid-back places we visit. Have you ever felt lonely while travelling? We actually have and is one of the reasons we established AfricaNomads. We do love meeting new like-minded people and have a good time while we stay productive with our work.

Definitely yes! You can share our rooms with your partner as well as our activities are all family-friendly so feel free to bring the little ones :) Those travelling with their kids would need however to talk to us directly to organise a private stay or family-friendly stay in close proximity to the main coliving home. We are also able to find a trusted nanny to take care of them while you get your work done.

We do have a fun weekly program organised ensuring we have a good work-life balance! We organise our weekly dinner as well as gatherings and on the weekend we are sure to include some of the best activities in the areas we visit. We will go on days out sailing or exploring a canyon and the remote areas we visit. We also love to visit and contribute to some of the most interesting projects working on sustainability efforts, women led intiatives and tech empowerment! All of this is included and you are supporting this initiaves when you sign up to our retreat.

We do take into consideration everyone's working schedules to try and include everyone in the activities. This said, you do not have to join on all of them! We leave that up to you, if you feel like having some alone time or have other plans we always respect everyone's timings - we won't love you less :)

The areas we visit are NOT hotspots for malaria however we do advise you to visit your physician and take the medication especially if you come or if you are going to other areas. Better safe than sorry! No yellow fever vaccination is required unless arriving from a yellow fever endemic area. We do have doctors on call as well as there are good hospitals to treat malaria.

We do hope not to make use of any insurance however we do recommend you to have your own for medical emergencies as well as for trip cancellations. Have a look at Digital Nomad covers that would insure you in case of any eventuality. Within Kenya you might want to sign-up to Amref (flying doctors), during major emergencies they would be able to airlift you to one of the main hospitals in Nairobi.

Expect warm summery-like tropical days. Between August - November we do have an average temperature of 28° C in Kenya. We do not expect rains during these months but it can get just a little chilly or windy at night!

Bring comfortable and easy clothing. We won't be needing anything too fancy. For women easy flowy dresses are the most comfortable. Welcome to the beach life! Bare in mind that Lamu Island is predominnantly Muslim, although not very strict you will feel more comfortable dressing modestly (knee-length shorts / dresses will do!)

Kenya leads on the ban of single-use plastic. They could actually fine you for bringing a plastic bag! We wish they could be a little more strict on this one as plastics are a very big problem in the Kenyan coast. Find some biodegradable bags to carry your shoes or cover your gadgets while at sea (an ocean pack is easily purchased in all destinations too!). Also please bring your refillable water bottles, there are huge efforts in the country to recycle and reuse plastics and water bottles remain some of the hardest plastic category to recycle.

We do have three room categories: Deluxe, Private & Shared All our Deluxe Rooms are En-suite and are either more ample or are on the upper floors. The Private Rooms in Diani and Lamu have shared bathrooms while in Watamu the Private Rooms are en-suite. The Shared rooms are only shared with one extra person (gender specific) - we will try pair you up with someone that has similar working schedules or similar interests.

Arriving to our destinations is pretty straight forward and easy. Once you land in one of the international airports (Nairobi or Mombasa) you are able to connect with a flight directly to the coast. How do I get to Lamu? Fly to Lamu Island in one of the 5 daily flights How do I get to Watamu? Fly into Malindi in one of the 6 daily flights. How do I get to Diani? Fly into Ukunda airport from Nairobi in one of the daily flights. If you land in Mombasa you will have to get a vehicle to transport you to Diani (1.5hrs). Bare in mind that if you join us from destination to destination you are responsible from your own transport, we might make the best out of it and do a little road-trip from place to place. We do include airport transfers from Lamu Airport to Lamu Island, from Malindi Airport to Watamu and from Ukunda Airport to Diani. If you land in Mombasa and coming to Diani you will have to settle your own transport (the cost is about 40 USD and we are happy to organise a driver for you!).