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Lamu is a true paradise, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that leaves everyone at awe. A super off-the-beaten path destination: It couldn't be stressed enough, the little maze streets, the kindness of the people, the delicious fresh seafood & local swahili cuisine... A small community of 25,000 people in the island just 1.5 hour flight from Nairobi. Watch the ocean as you work, a traditionally built dhow sailing by, the donkeys wandering the streets, boats floating on their anchors, others busy ferrying passengers across the islands. Venture yourself into the magic labryinth-style town, gaze at the uniquely wood-carved doors, slow down, life here is pole pole as they say in Swahili... (the laid-back life).


How do we spend our days on the island? Very easy... Lazying around! That's a very good way to spend the days however there are plenty of thrilling and fun experiences to pack your days. Lamu's history dates back to about 700 years, there are several archeological sites to visit in Manda and Pate island of the first inhabitants that ever sailed these waters. Lamu Town where we are located is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Go up to Kiwayu, true paradise... Enough said!

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Places to visit as a Digital Nomad in Africa
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Full days out around the island by boat, bicycle or hike. We have no cars here, and we love it that way! Sleep in a traditionally built sailing dhow under the African skies, go snorkelling and if lucky find the little baby turtles hatching in Manda Island or mesmerize yourself with the giant of the oceans: the whale shark! Watersports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, sup, kayaking are easily available. On our last retreat participants circumnavigated Lamu Island, that was insane! 

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Organic farms, community projects, the recycling centre where they convert our plastic waste into furniture and boats while protecting the environment. Join a sound healing session class, ask one of our instructors to meet for sunrise yoga or meditation, join the mangrove conservation program and help restore the forest, have a look into the donkey sanctuary. Pamper yourself to the natural spa or schedule the masseuse in your preferred location. Sit in a quiet cafe, try the local gastronomy and/or party till late in the dunes.

An unmissable is the further tucked island of Kiwayu: raw and unspoiled nature, an 8km beach where you will find no one but yourselves. A great place for a digital detox. All in all, we are on a tropical island, known also as the island of festivals from cultural activities, to the exciting dhow races, the Lamu Yoga festival (selected among the best in the world!), donkey races, triathlons and fishing competitions... Also, some of the best artists in the country delight us with their presence and music, art or poetry at the different venues on the island! Additionally, we also will help you arrange your trips and getaways around the country, or why not another place to move to. Kenya is really one of the best destinations in Africa to visit as a Digital Nomad.

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Live like a local and stay in one of our Authentic Swahili-style accommodations. We do love our island! Our homes are located within close proximity to cool cafes, restaurants, bars, banks & grocery stores. Want to go painting? Visit our favourite artist in town, have lunch in one of the farms producing natural organic food & beauty products. Take a 5-minute boat to the beach... Of course, all homes are equipped with good wifi and daily housekeeping, we also provide you with a local Sim Card filled with data so you can work from anywhere!


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Places for Digital Nomads in Kenya

In Lamu we have two different properties. Situated in the heart of Lamu Town they are both amazing and have a swimming pool to cool off during the day. They are located within close proximity and are built with local Swahili features that will bring you back in time, our apartments are designed by an award-winning architect that meticolously supervised the project

In Lamu we have a selection of Deluxe, Private and Shared accommodations - get in touch with us so we can chat and see what suits you better!

Places for Digital Nomads in Kenya
Retreats for Digital Nomads in Kenya
Retreats for Digital Nomads in Africa

How to get to Lamu Island?

It is quite easy to get to all our destinations! Bare in mind that if you follow us from one destination to another you will have to cover your own transport, we might make even the most of it and do a little road trip on the way! 

There are 5 daily flights to Lamu from Nairobi and Mombasa, here are a few tips:

- If flying into Kenya and no need for a stop in Nairobi try catch an international flight that arrives quite early in the morning so you can connect with the Jambo Jet flight

- If already in Nairobi you can use SafariLink or Skyward and use Jomo Kenyatta Airport

- If flying into Mombasa to get your connecting flight into Lamu: do also have a look at the timing to avoid spending a night in Mombasa. Out for a night in Mombasa? Let us know! We can also give you a few recommendations!

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Prices are in USD and pp. 2nd person sharing pays 50%

2 months get a 5% off & 3 months gets a 10% off

Min stay is 2 weeks

Our stays are designed to ensure you have a hassle-free experience and that you can enjoy the best of the destinations. Our program includes a weekly comunal dinner & yoga sessions as well as our curated activities where we visit some of the most amazing community and conservation projects as well as we venture out for a full day sailing and discover all the hidden gems.

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