August 1st - November 30th 2024

We are travellers like you, we love exploring the destinations to the core rather than just ticking them, we are all about mingling with the local communities creating a positive change everywhere we go and having deeper connections with those we meet.  We inmmerse ourselves in the local gastronomies and create transformative experiences as we believe that our impact on this little planet should strive to leave a positive footprint wherever our journey takes us. Through genuine interactions, we aim to not only explore the destinations but also contribute to their well-being, leaving behind a legacy of mutual understanding and shared experiences. 

Breakfast with a view at one of the Digital Nomad retreats with AfricaNomads
The Hidden Gallery Cafe in Lamu Island Kenya, one of the best places to work as a digital nomad in Kenya
Sailing on a dhow, one of he activities of the AfricaNomads retreat for Digital Nomads

You can join us for a few weeks or stay till the end! We realised in our first months of working remotely that it can be sometimes difficult to always meet new people while on the road, which is why we've made it our mission to cultivate a supportive and vibrant community. Whether you're seeking inspiration, friendship, or simply a change of scenery, our retreats offer the ideal blend of adventure and connection.

Lamu Island: August 1st - September 1st 2024

Lamu is a true paradise. It couldn't be stressed enough, the little maze streets, the kindness of the people, the delicious fresh seafood & local Swahili cuisine... A small community of 25,000 people in the island just 1.5 hour flight from Nairobi. Watch the ocean as you work, a traditionally built dhow sailing by, the donkeys wandering the streets, boats floating on their anchors, others busy ferrying passengers across the islands. Venture yourself into the magic labryinth-style town, gaze at the uniquely wood-carved doors, slow down, life here is pole pole as they say in Swahili... (the laid-back life).

Lamu hidden corners
Digital Nomads in a retreat with AfricaNomads in Kenya
Lamu streets
The beauty of a Dhow Race competition in Lamu Island

Watamu: September 1st - October 1st 2024

A Digital Nomad working in Watamu, Kenya

Located along the scenic coastline of Kenya, Watamu calls travelers with its idyllic beaches and lush landscapes. Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Watamu Marine National Park, stroll through bustling markets, and immerse yourself in the rich Swahili heritage of the region. With warm hospitality and endless opportunities for adventure. It's pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich Swahili culture, Watamu offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. Dive into crystal-clear waters, explore marine parks, and savor authentic cuisine as you discover the wonders of this enchanting destination.

People together at Lichthaus Watamu
The beauty of the AfricaNomads destinations
The destinations we visit in an AfricaNomads retreat for Digital Nomads

Diani: October 1st - November 1st 2024

Join the community for an unforgettable retreat in Diani Beach, Kenya, where pristine white beaches meet turquoise waters. Work at beachfront cafes with stunning ocean views as you watch the camels walk by, enjoy a delicious Ethiopian lunch - probably the only place where to do so along the Kenyan coast. Unwind in the nearby gems like Wasini Island, at the  Southern most part of the country or a well worth visit to the Shimba Hills for stunning sunsets. Come to Diani with us and get to join us for a memorable escape where relaxation, adventure, and productivity seamlessly blend. 

Heartful breakfast in one of the best cafes where to work from in Diani as a Digital Nomad
The beauty of the activities for Digital Nomads
TribeEarth is one of the best cafes to work from as a Digital Nomad in Diani
Pallet Cafe is one of the best places to work from in Diani as a Digital Nomad

Lamu Island: November 1st - November 30th 2024

Digital Nomads meet at sunset in Lamu Island, Kenya

And as our journey comes to a close, we return to Lamu, a true gem among off-the-beaten-path destinations. Lamu is our actual home and with it's great locations and rich cultural heritage Lamu offers a captivating finale to our adventure. Our recommendation? Why not mix the enchantment of Lamu with the pristine beaches of Watamu or Diani? Indulge in the best of both worlds and create unforgettable memories across all three destinations. Join us as we explore the magic of Kenya's coast.

The streets of Lamu Island in Kenya
Best places to work from in Kenya as a Digital Nomad
Group of Digital Nomads in Lamu Island, Kenya


Accommodation in private or shared room in one of our AfricaNomads homes

 Airport transfers

Local SIM Cad locaded with data so you can work on the go & back-up power solutions

Daily breakfast 

 Our infamous weekly communcal dinners 

 Weekly Yoga Class

2 x weekly weekend activities - the longer you stay the more you will explore!

Host and activities organizer

Join a community of remote workers and digital nomads

Optional weekend getaway designed for our coliving community

We want really a hassle free experience so besides this daily housekeeping and your laundry are all catered for. We also have water, coffee & tea available at all times within our homes... We know the areas well so we can always recomend places to go and handle you our own made information booklets with things to see and the best eateries. 

Our accommodation options 

Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Diani
Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Kenya
Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Lamu Island

All of the places we are visiting are unique on its own! We have three room categories in each of them, Deluxe if you prefer a little more space and comfrot, private room as well as shared options, with only one more person.

We can also source private accommodation for those that want absolute privacy but want to join our programs!

Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Diani
Breakfast at the accommodation for Digital Nomads in Kenya
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What do our Digital Nomad retreats offer?
Digital Nomads visit Africa
Digital Nomads on their visit to Kenya in Lamu Island
Some of the moest beautiful places to stay in Kenya for Digital Nomads
Do Digital Nomads need breakfast?
Digital Nomads meeting in Kenya
Places to visit in the Lamu Archipelalgo
Places to work from in Kenya as a Digital Nomad in Diani